The Region

You won't be bored during your stay with us.
There are a multitude of activity possibilities in our region.
You will be spoiled for choice: hiking, scuba diving, cultural or gastronomic visits, cayoning or even swimming in a hot spring.
You will surely find happiness !

Karukera, island of beautiful waters

The first inhabitants of our islands, the Kalinagos, named the Lowland "Karukera" which means "island of beautiful waters" and this name could not be better chosen!
On one side there is the Caribbean Sea of ​​course, with beautiful black sand or pebble beaches and breathtaking underwater depths. We no longer need to introduce the famous Cousteau reserve in Bouillante where it is not uncommon to be able to swim with sea turtles.
On the other, a multitude of rivers and streams renowned for the clarity of their waters and their great accessibility. You absolutely must not leave without having bathed under a waterfall.
Finally, thanks to the volcanic activity of the island you can also relax in one of the few hot springs on the island.

Guadeloupe national park

The Guadeloupe National Park was created in 1989, becoming the very first French overseas national park. Its aim is to preserve West Indian nature, its fauna and flora, both marine and terrestrial. The park covers nearly 22,000 hectares, including 17,300 hectares of tropical forest and 3,700 hectares of wetland and marine environments.
Some of the most beautiful natural sites in Guadeloupe are found in this territory. Thus, it is possible to discover the famous Soufrière volcano, the highest point of the Lesser Antilles with its 1,467 meters of altitude, the splendid and impressive Carbet Falls or the exotic Grand Cul-de-Sac nature reserve. Marine. Nearly 300 kilometers of trails allow you to explore this fabulous heritage. Something to delight hiking enthusiasts with a thirst for preserved nature!
The Guadeloupe National Park is also full of impressive local fauna, and attentive walkers may be able to encounter racoons, mongooses, hummingbirds, brown pelicans and even stick insects.

the Cousteau sea reserve

It is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Guadeloupe. The Cousteau Reserve is a protected natural maritime environment. Heart of the Guadeloupe National Park, this marine reserve is located opposite Malendure beach in Bouillante (Leeward Coast, Basse Terre) and is made up of the Pigeon islets and 1000 hectares of exceptional underwater world. Corals, fish, tropical fish, turtles and even the songs of humpback whales move without fear in a Caribbean Sea at 26°C.